The Answer is YES YES YES!!!!!!!!

When using hot tools to style your hair, it is very important to use a heat protectant, no matter your hair type. Even if you’re pressed for time , you may cut corners while styling your hair and skip out on heat protectant — no judgement, we’ve all been there. However, bypassing this heat styling essential could lead to hair breakage, brittle ends, and Split ends. Whether you’re blow drying or flat ironing your hair, it’s a good idea to apply a few quick spritzes of heat protectant for hair before styling

What Is Heat Protectant?

A heat protectant works to shield your strands of hair from damage when used before applying heat.  It’s like armour for your hair. Typically you can find a heat protectant available in spray, cream, oil, or serum. Kerastase do a amazing range in heat protectors, check them out @tresseaporter or call into the salon The hair Shop Dundalk where one of the stylist can advise you on which suits your hair the best.