Our deserves winter proofing as with the  temperatures dropping, the air dryness increases , causing dryness, breakage, split ends and static for any hair. Winter season drains the moisture out of the hair and scalp resulting in hair troubles and the condition worsens for those already suffering from frizzy hair and dry scalp. It’s important to have a separate winter hair care routine to fight the winter blues.

Here’s a general guide on how to get your hair winter-ready using Kérastase products:


  1. Assess Your Hair Type: Start by identifying your hair type and specific concerns, such as dryness, frizz, or breakage. Kérastase offers various product lines to address different hair needs, so choose products that best suit your hair type and concerns.
  2. Deep Conditioning: As the weather gets colder, your hair may become drier. Incorporate a deep conditioning treatment into your routine once or twice a week. Kérastase offers several deep conditioning masks and treatments that can nourish and hydrate your hair. Look for products like the Kérastase Nutritive Masquintense or Discipline Maskeratine.
  3. Use a Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner: Opt for Kérastase shampoos and conditioners that are specifically formulated to provide moisture and protect your hair from harsh winter conditions. For example, the Kérastase Nutritive Bain Satin or Kérastase Resistance Ciment Anti-Usure conditioner.
  4. Protective Styling Products: Apply styling products designed to protect your hair from heat styling and environmental factors. The Kérastase Résistance Ciment Thermique is a heat-activated conditioner that can help protect your hair from heat damage.
  5. Anti-Frizz Products: If frizz is a concern in cold and damp weather, consider using anti-frizz products like the Kérastase Discipline range. These products can help tame frizz and keep your hair smooth and manageable.
  6. Leave-In Treatments: Use leave-in treatments to provide additional moisture and protection. The Kérastase Nutritive Nectar Thermique is a leave-in treatment that helps protect hair from the damaging effects of heat styling.
  7. Limit Heat Styling: Try to reduce the frequency of heat styling during the winter months to prevent further drying out your hair. When you do use heat styling tools, apply a heat protectant spray.
  8. Regular Trims: Keep up with regular haircuts and trims to remove split ends and maintain healthy hair.
  9. Scalp Care: Don’t forget about your scalp. A healthy scalp is essential for healthy hair. Kérastase offers scalp treatment products that can help with various scalp issues.
  10. Stay Hydrated and Eat Well: Good hair care starts from within. Make sure to stay hydrated and maintain a balanced diet with plenty of vitamins and nutrients that promote hair health.

Remember that individual hair needs may vary, so it’s a good idea to consult with a hairstylist or a Kérastase professional to get personalised recommendations based on your hair type and concerns. Using a combination of Kérastase products tailored to your specific needs can help you maintain beautiful and healthy hair throughout the winter season. Call in an have a chat with our Kerastase Specialist for a personal one on one consultation at The Hair Shop Dundalk Williamsons Mall 0429331244