The skin actually starts its ageing process at 18 years, we only start to see the visible signs around 25- 30 years old. The older we get the skin becomes dryer and more dehydrated. This is caused by the skin getting thinner, so the barrier protection starts to weaken. We will see more lines and wrinkles due to less collagen and elastin being produced, which will also cause the skin to look saggy and slackened. Other contributing factors that can accelerate the process, are stress, illness, diet, lack of sleep, smoking, sun damage, pollution and poor skincare to name a few.


Hyaluronic Acid-This is something found naturally in our skin, but unfortunately depletes with age. It is able to hold and lock in moisture so the skin looks visibly smoother and more plumped from within. We love Decleor’s Antidote.  This  is what I like to call a wee miracle in a bottle. Antidote Daily Advanced Concentrate is a 97% natural-origin skin preparation serum to help to reduce water-loss, strengthen your skin and protect it from daily aggressions, such as pollution. Signs of fatigue appear reduced as skin looks healthy, hydrated and radiant. Skin texture appears refined as skin is left soft, comfortable and more supple. The skin feels strengthened and protected.


Night time rituals- So many of us apply a moisturiser in the morning to protect the skin but completely forget about the skin at night time. Our skin works even harder at night to renew and repair, so it is therefore imperative that we feed our skin with a night product to amplify the results we see in the morning. This will help to reduce sleep and fatigue lines and the skin will appear brighter in the morning if you add this into your routine! I personally love Decleor’s Lavender Fine Lifting night balm. Its non-greasy, non-sticky texture is quickly absorbed and leaves the skin smoothed and plumped. This product is for mature skin type,it suitable for dry, combination and oily skins. Its scent helps me feel relaxed and calm.


Your skin reflects your lifestyle-Better lifestyle choices will also help. If you do, try to smoke less as this causes the skin to look dull and drink less alcohol as this can restrict the blood flow, resulting in less nutrients coming into the skin. Protect your skin from the sun with a minimum SPF 30 to limit the degradation of collagen and age spots, not only for your face but also your hands and body too.




Train your skin-  Try and include some facial massage into your at-home routine. Any upwards lifting movements will help to stimulate the microcirculation and encourage a firmer, more radiant skin.

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