Have you ever stared at your nose in the mirror and wondered why your pores look greasy? Those are called blackheads, which you may have already heard of, but why do they appear? Blackheads are essentially hair follicles that are blocked up by dead skin cells, oil, and bacteria. When the follicles — or pores — become fully clogged, the build-up bursts the skin and the tip turns black when oxidizing with the air.

The short answer on how to get rid of blackheads is therefore to cleanse the excess oil and dead skin cells of your skin, but the more complicated part is to do so without agitating or drying out your skin in the process.

Many traditional cleaners are focused on just cleaning the skin. They often leave you with an agitated skin that thinks it’s drying, and subsequently works relentlessly to produce even more oil. Leading to even more bacteria and more dead skin cells.

1: Choose your cleanser wisely to get rid of blackheads

Here at tresseaporter we recommend   The Decléor Rosemary Officinalis Black Clay Cleansing Gel combines the anti-imperfection efficacy of Rosemary Essential Oil with natural-origin Salicylic Acid and black Clay to deeply cleanse your skin — while simultaneously nourishing your skin and leaving it with just the right amount of moisture. It is the perfect cleanser for oily skin, yet suitable for all skin types with imperfections — even sensitive skin. You will find a gentle cleanser and a sustainable surfactant.

And we’ve got the test scores to prove it! All of 85%* of women partaking in our clinical test found that their skin looked less oily, while 95%* found that their skin seemed clean and clear — after the very first try.

Many tend to give their skin all the attention in the world come morning-time, or while showering at night, but not enough to its needs while you sleep.

2: Feed your skin at night to help get rid of blackheads

By feeding your skin with a night balm, such as the Decléor Rosemary Officinalis Night Balm, you’ll be able to rebalance your skin and prepare it for a gentle cleanse in the morning. Thanks to the Rosemary Officinalis Night Balm’s 100% natural-origin, combining the anti-imperfection efficacy with a blend of Essential Oils such as Rosemary, Ylang Ylang, Lemon, Fine Lavender, Clary Sage & Clove, with natural-origin waxes and botanical oils.

Its cocooning balm texture melts into your skin to infuse it with active ingredients throughout the night — without leaving it feeling greasy or sticking to your pillow. Its aromatic scent refreshes the skin and calms the mind.

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