Like most curly girls I grew up wanting straight hair but now that I have learned to tame my mane I’m proud of it…So I’m sharing some tips that will help you get those curls under control.

Lack of hydration, heat styling, humidity and avoiding regular hair cuts, brushing hair while it is wet can all cause issues with frizz, all resulting in “can’t leave the house curls”

So let’s get it sorted.

First step is hydration, wash your hair using a curl enhancing shampoo and conditioner to hydrate without weighing it down. I would recommend Kerastase Curl Manifesto Shampoo and conditioner.

Towel dry hair to release excess water, don’t rub just squeeze gently. Generously apply a curl cream or serum preferably kerastase  Curl Manifesto creme De Jour curl enhance creme  with your hands from roots to ends, this will hold and smooth your hair without turning flaky or hard.

Last of all DON’T touch your hair while drying or you will break the protective barrier you just created just sit back and allow your curl to form!