The Secret to the perfect no-makeup makeup look……….A good tinted moisturiser.

The one we love and use is Estelle&thilds Tinted Moisturiser, this has a lightweight formula that is perfect to feel a little more polished during a home conference calls, coffee dates and for spring’s lighter weather. This Tinted Moisturiser that will fix imperfections, enhance your complexion, boost hydration and give you a healthy glow. This tinted moisturiser  occupies the middle ground between moisturiser and foundation. Applying a tinted moisturiser to your skin is the backbone of any natural makeup look, giving your skin a flawlessness worthy of an Instagram filter.

Here are a few questions that customers have asked us.

Which is the best way to apply the Tinted Moisturiser?

Use the Tinted Moisturiser as an essential step of your daily beauty routine. For best results use this product daily after cleansing alone or over your moisturiser.

Does it cover redness?

Tinted Moisturiser reduces redness, however for a more covering solution we recommend that you use a foundation instead.

How does Tinted Moisturiser blend into the skin?

Tinted Moisturiser has a lightweight formula that blends into skin seamlessly. It replenishes the skin with moisture while providing an even skin tone and natural coverage with a healthy glow.

This amazing tinted moisturiser comes in three shades, light, medium & dark.  To check out this full  Organic vegan makeup range click here