The notion that thinning hair is only a mans problem is completely wrong, women actually make up a large percentage of hair loss sufferers. With forty percent of women having visible hair loss by the time they are age 40. Hair loss in women can be absolutely devastating for self image and emotional well-being, we also recognise that hair loss in women is a serious life altering condition that is no longer ignored. Abnormal hair loss can happen in several ways, some have hair thinning all over, while others see their hair parting spreading, some develop baldness at the crown of the head, or you may notice dramatic clumps falling out when you shampoo or brush, you may also just thin slowly over time. If your concerned about changes in your hair always consult with your doctor first.


Luckily for you L’oreal have paved the way with ground breaking research in this area, in salon we meet clients on a daily basis, both men and women, concerned about their hair loss. One of my favorites and by far the most successful product on the market has to be without a doubt Kerastase specifique this amazing products has set an unbeatable foundation when treating hair loss.

SPECIFIQUE BAIN PRÉVENTION SHAMPOO–  Is a hair loss prevention shampoo with stimulating properties to boost hair fiber production, thicken the hair fiber and bring immediate volume.
SPECIFIQUE SPRAY STIMULISTE– Developed as a daily nutri-energising treatment against hair loss for men and women, this spray stimulates hair production while improving hair density and substance. It prevents against premature ageing of the hair follicle and stimulates regrowth of the new stronger and more abundant hair fibers.
SPECIFIQUE HYDRA APAISANT MASK-This mask hydrates and soothes the scalp to enhance skin quality and scalp defence from dry and oily concerns. The mask’s key ingredients help to purify the scalp, treating oily roots, dandruff, irritated and itchy scalp & hair-loss concerns. The hair feels nourished & renewed.

I would also like to recommend brushing your hair and scalp as often as possible through the day, this stimulates the scalp encouraging new growth, it also has therapeutic effects helping you to relax and feel good, especially when somebody else does it for you. A brush I would highly recommend for this The Curve-O Backstage Brush, a soft bristle brush, it smooths the hair giving it a soft silky finish helping you look revived and healthy.




We also believe that healthy hair starts from with. Like our bodies , our hair requires nutrients to grow well and stay strong .  Annutri is and irish brand that has created supplements and nutrition called Grow It that keeps your hair looking and feeling amazing. It’s vegan and vegetarian friendly and full of amazing natural ingredients. It doesn’t contain any fillers and it’s made right here in Ireland.

If you are concerned about hair loss or would like to chat about it, why not call into the salon, were we can have a chat about your options going forward.